Please leave your memories of Reagan, your messages, poetry, prose, quotations, and other expressions of love and mourning. In the words of Laura Mayo, the pastor who inspired Reagan, “We will tell stories, we will hold each other and Annie and Wilson, Sam, and Elliot, and we will remember. We will seek to live lives inspired by Reagan’s kindness, generosity, and love.”

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71 Replies to “Memories”

  1. I understand that regan would have participated in our Amsterdam 2019 urban sketching event. We were deeply touched by meeting his wife Ann.
    I hope that we could help you in your grief by having his son participating in his honour at the last workshop . Our sincerest condolances.

    1. You are so kind. We did come to the registration area on the last day, found the buzz of excitement and love of sketching delightful. At the same time, we also felt Reagan’s absence acutely. We picked up the goody bag and rode around on our bikes. It was fun to see the US folks all over the city! What a great organization,

  2. I cold-called Reagan about 8 years ago on the recommendation of Preservation Houston when I was looking for an architect to help with renovations of the Henshaw House at the Nature Discovery Center. Reagan took on the project and for over two years worked diligently with us to update the House in a respectful, resourceful way, ultimately resulting in recognition from Preservation Houston for the excellent work. Reagan did not charge a dime for this work. That was a personally hard time for me, and Reagan saved me with his kind, compassionate, intelligent way of being as we remained persistent and focused. Each time I saw Reagan over the last couple of years, I was so happy talk with him and basically absorb some of that Reagan calmness and good spiritedness. I am so very thankful to have known Reagan.

    1. he loved that project, a place that is central to houston’s connection to reagan and i loved meeting you and the team too

  3. I first met Reagan at one of Stan and Julie’s house parties at least a decade ago. We bonded over homebuilding and architecture and music. I remember telling him about a home I really dug over by Rice university and it turned out to be one of his designs. I regret we did not have as many lunches and visits over the years as I would have liked. Our last lunch was at the pit room at least a year ago. I will remember him always. I was telling another builder the other day about how all projects, big and small, make up the foundations and walls of our careers, much like large and small stones and mortar do. I realized as I was speaking that I had learned that from Reagan. He told me that very thing several years ago. He will live on through all he touched.

    I send my deepest condolences to you Ann and your wonderful family.


    Jeff Sonderfan

  4. Dear Christensen/Miller Family,

    I was cleaning out Robert’s room the other day and found a postcard from Reagan. The date stamp is Dec 2013. It says this:

    Congratulations on the season, State Classic is a big deal. You have been a great addition to the team. I saw tremendous improvement during the season – you played every position except coach. (don’t get any ideas. . .)

    Coach Miller” (Coach is underlined)

    This simple act of thoughtfulness and generosity with his time and praise is so indicative of the man that we all admired and called friend.

    We love you all – The Navratils

    1. I was sooo touched by him handwriting each boy a note like that. He was so attentive and so real. And he spoke the truth; he ‘got’ Robert! Thank you for that memory.

  5. We cherished those Iowa trips, often hot and sticky, and quick, but always so worth the effort. You and alex made the time easy.

  6. We moved into our new home on August 28th, 2019. But we first met and began work with Reagan and Andre in February of 2014. Reagan was elegant, gentle, generous, earnest, and a listener. He was meticulous and observant and cerebral. He was patient and light. He brought such artistry and grace to our home and to the design process itself. We feel grateful to have known Reagan. We know he enriched our lives, and feel blessed for it. We are so deeply sorry for your loss, and pray that you find comfort and solace, and that God’s Grace and Reagan’s spirit continue to enfold you in love and light and peace.

    1. He was patient and light.

      Thank you for saying that, especially. The guy managed so many details and did so with a light touch.

      He loved your project and spoke fondly of the recent lunch with Neil.

  7. I remember your gentle and humble ways dear friend, Reagan Miller. I will always treasure my short (1 year) but meaningful time working with you and Kevin at Miller Dahlstrand Architects. I always wanted to sketch like you. Dear God, shine a healing and loving light on Ann and the boys, as they move through grief and sadness. Thank you God, for Reagan’s beautiful 55 years.

  8. Dear Wilson, Sam and Elliot—

    I reflect on a recent memory of both your mom and dad—in the days post-Harvey, I had the great fortune of running into your mom and dad at the Volcano. They had. of course, been giving of themselves, volunteering at George R. Brown helping persons that had been displaced by the floods.

    When I ran into the two of them they were a wee bit tipsy and even in the midst of such a hard time, they were so clearly still so in love with each other. Annie was telling me a crazy story about all that was happening in the shelter and Reagan was listening to her story but also finishing her sentences. Their love shone so brightly to me that day—their love for life, for humanity and for one another.

    It brings me great joy to have witnessed their love and to also have witnessed their quiet yet beaming pride in each of you.

    1. Oh Bridget! Thanks for reminding me of that crazy day. It was magic and you have been a stalwart support in these many weeks.

  9. Reagan has been my kind, brilliant, multi-talented, funny, and generous friend for a long time. I have so much love for him and his family.

    Looking back at emails from Reagan, I found one from 2013, introducing me to the rapper Macklemore. I believe he told me Wilson had introduced him.

    Here’s what Reagan wrote, at 6:21 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 20, 2013:

    You were talking about the sacred and baseball. I am particularly fond of the song My Oh My by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. There is a great line in it:
    “I don’t really collect cards anymore, just a box and some old cardboard
    Memories embedded in the dust, in the fibers that age just like us livin’ somewhere off in the drawer
    this is what you make of it yeah we play to win
    Live it like we’re under the lights of the stadium
    fight until the day that God decides to wave us in,
    right until he waves us in”
    See ya tomorrow. R

    Reagan shows such a gift for sharing deep feelings in this and other emails. So much love for life, and for others, expressed in just a few words. And his musical discernment, unparalleled.

    Love you buddy. Love you Annie, Wilson, Sam, and Elliott.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Yes, many expressions of depth from Reagan thru song lyrcis. Your friendship was important to him. He admired you.

  10. Ann, my heart breaks for you and the boys. I cherish fond memories of spending time with you and Reagan in Houston going back 20 years now. He was such a kind, witty, and insightful man and he will be missed terribly. As you say, he treated every single person with the respect and attention that he knew they deserved. That is evident on this page and through the effect he had on countless other hearts and minds.

    We send you our deepest condolences and all of our love.

    Austin Westervelt-Lutz

  11. I have nothing but warm, lovely memories from my every encounter with Reagan. He and Ann opened their home to Jen and me so many times, for dinners and jovial conversation, or playdates between our kid and the boys. I remember one such occasion when Reagan seemed to sense that some of us, not knowing each other well, were a bit ill at ease. (This was shortly after Jen and I arrived in Houston.) Instantly, Reagan materialized with his banjo, and a spirit of joy and camaraderie filled the room. And that’s how it always was, with or without the musical intervention. Reagan radiated kindness and genuine interest in others. Although I did not spend nearly as much time with him as I might have liked, there wasn’t a moment I spent in his company that I didn’t completely enjoy.

  12. To my Dear Ann. Wilson Sam Elliott. I truly pray to keep the calm Peaceful Loving Spirit of Your Father And your Soulmate Ann. I like to say keep the Fire Extinguisher handy Ann which Reagan was too You. To his Sons keep up the steadfast and striving spirit your Father showed You. Reagan showed a kindred Spirit to everyone even the Maillady myself. I will always be a eye ,a ear and a whatever you need to you and the boys God Bless your Family Love Kimberly Diggs.

    1. ha ha ! he was a calm fire extinguisher for sure. we have many thanks for you for being a true blue friend
      thru rain and snow and sleet and rain (but mostly baking hot sun and deluges)
      peace to you

  13. ….. one more thing to add. On a work related trip to visit a manufacturer in New York, we took some time to visit Times Square after a dinner. It was rather chilly and the group was joking and laughing and taking in the sights. Reagan busted out his sketchbook and started drawing. I have this great photo of him standing among the bright lights… black (form fitting of course) chinos, black loafers, grey blazer, checkered scarf, black knit cap, black hand bag on his shoulder, 1 pencil in mouth, a few other pencils clenched in his hand holding the pad, thoughtfully drafting his work. It was awesome.

    – Ryan Heine

  14. I knew Reagan through work as well as socially. He was one of kindest souls I’ve ever met. Always engaged and caring, and really funny. We spent considerable time together on a trip to New York, in project meetings, and dinners/drinks with friends. There was always a peace about him that made me check myself. He was relaxing. Prayers for Ann, the boys, the Reagan Andre team, and anyone who was lucky enough to know Scott Reagan Miller. The service was a magnificent tribute.

    I miss you, Reagan.

    – Ryan Heine

  15. Dear Reagan

    The shock and disbelief felt when informed by Andre were the antitheses of the calmness and serenity I always experienced with and observed in you. I regret not having taken time to get to know you better, deeper since I don’t believe being a client precludes also being a friend. While our exchanges and interactions during the infrequent times when the shoals of professional life led you to seek my professional insight and guidance were mutually respectful and appreciative, they were necessarily also a bit sterile, clinical, practical observations to convey my interpretation and advice on the issues with which you were confronted.

    Over the past few weeks all that I’ve read, heard and learned confirm the indelible impressions I will carry of You. Kind, peaceful, measured, calm, serene, quiet, reserved, comfortable in your own person. The strong desire to assist others to find solutions, common ground, cooperate, advocating for resolution rather than conflict, for love rather than strife. A soft and gentle voice to match the soft and gentle soul inside. I knew you liked Scotch; you introduced me to Nicoise Salad. I didn’t know you, too, had owned a Fiat. I knew of your precision and vision, your creative, imaginative mind. I didn’t know of your multiple musical and vocal talents. I knew of your three sons, that you always built their soccer coaching into your schedule and made certain I knew when you needed to leave. I didn’t know they had grown to be the handsome, resilient young men who spoke so lovingly and eloquently of You. They are a reflection of the examples of love, discipline, encouragement and dedication You and Annie instilled in them and the life the five of you lived together. You have every reason to be proud and to be confident of them and their ability to go forward. It will not only be the many physical structures your talents conceived and helped build that will endure, but also more importantly it is your sons who will be your most genuine and lasting legacies.

    We are all subject to the same future. We’re promised the very hairs on our heads are numbered so do not be afraid. Everyone’s time and manner of leaving comes whenever it will through forces much grander than any can imagine and we all realize even a strong spirit characterized by kindness and gentility cannot reside forever in a finite vessel. As Laura Mayo reminded us, the things you did, the accomplishments you achieved, the love and kind touches you conferred throughout your life cannot, will not, be undone. When people speak of the better angels of our nature, they surely were referring to You. Let me also thank you Reagan because, though I didn’t realize it then, whenever we spent time together I now know I was in the company of a true Renaissance Man. O==# “May it Always Be So”

    1. Dear Doug,
      This beautiful tribute made us all glow. Reagan was very fond of you and grateful for your support over the years. Thanks for all this!

  16. My condolences to the Miller family and to so many close friends and colleagues touched by this loss. I only met with Reagan a few times, but I instantly recognized his keen insight and creative soul. He was generous and respectful, humble and hopeful. Prayers to all who were moved by him, then and now.

  17. Reagan was a relatively new friend for me, first met him 7 November 2015 for coffee and breakfast. He had reached out to me about an idea he had for a sketching program at an upcoming TSA Convention and our initial discussion about drawing and sketching soon veered off into our children’s club soccer, our challenges owning and working in small firms and making meaningful residential architecture. That visit left me knowing I had made a friend and I was blessed to expand and grow on that initial visit in the three (too short) years to come. I miss him but even more miss the time I will not spend with him, the sketches I will not share, the goodwill and humor I will not enjoy. Godspeed my friend. Saying you will be missed is too trite and too much of a cliche.

  18. I can’t remember when I first met Reagan. I feel like I have known Ann forever, but it can’t have been before 1990 when I moved to Houston. But whenever it was that first I met him, I can remember feeling distinctly what a wonderful person he was, and how right this wonderful man was for my dear friend. So many others have listed his qualities which ring so true to me. As I’ve lived and traveled so far from Houston for more than 25 years, the times we saw one another have been few. Each time only deepened my appreciation for Reagan, and for the wonderful family and life he and Ann made together. My heart is heavy and beats with them in sorrow, but also in time with beautiful memories.

  19. We had the privilege of working with both Reagan and Andre during the initial design phase of our home. We were immediately taken by Reagan’s brilliance yet immense humility. During our first meeting, love, care, and the desire to create the perfect home was readily apparent in his eyes. Early on, we encountered a challenge regarding the layout, and Reagan whipped out his pencil and started sketching. A couple of minutes later, problem solved! Reagan will be sorely missed by every life he touched, both personally and professionally. Our hearts will always be with his family, friends and the entire team at Reagan Andre. And, he will remain a permanent fixture in our lives as we make the house he helped design, our home

  20. I can’t think of anyone I have ever known besides Reagan who had such a full measure of kindness, gentility, and artistic ability, and so many more fine qualities. Reagan was a superb architect who was only beginning to reach the peak of his talent and skill, and there is a great void where his future work should be. He and Andre were a joy to work with in the remodeling of our home. Every time I have dreamed of some new project, I would wonder how Reagan would react and make it real. There was never a better man, and I feel great sorrow that this fine man is not with us. The family — Ann, Wilson, Sam and Eliot – and friends, Andre particularly, have my deepest sympathy and that of my wife Lynn. May God bless and keep Reagan and his family.

  21. My memories of Regan are mainly with his youngest son Elliott at the University of Houston Children’s Learning Center, as my eldest daughter Marisol and Elliott shared the same classroom for many years. I remember his gentle loving presence and what a great musician he was. He seemed so naturally at peace enjoying life with his beautiful family. I send my condolences to Ann and their sons. The world will forever be changed for the better from the impact Reagan had on the lives of everyone he came across.

  22. IMG_0383.JPG
    Reagan will always be with us – playing ukelele or guitar with my kids; soccer discussions,; calmly describing how to get to the soccer field or a shortcut through downtown; laughing an uproarious laugh; drawing our new kitchen (and holding our hand through the entire process); quietly knowing when to go ahead and make decisions For me on my own junk pile during the process;. Saying something kind about all involved anywhere anytime; lovingly treating every kid just as his own; gazing admiringly upon his Annie while she tells a story like only she can tell.
    I have been seeing him this past week in the oak trees lined up in our neighborhoods where he has left beautiful imprints – Reagan the oak tree shelters the life of racing squirrels and chatty birds and busy bees in those leaves and branches while enjoying the music of the wind and rain.
    The Miller family = love forever

  23. We will remember the quiet kindness, the gift of music. As long as we are so fortunate as to be with Annie, Wilson, Sam, and Eliot, we will know the grace and presence of Reagan.

  24. Reagan Miller was the gentlest of human beings. A brilliant architect, artist and musician, a Renaissance man. Always kind, and always with a twinkle in his eye when he smiled, Reagan shared his friendship and much more since we arrived in the city. We will treasure our many memories of him. Warmest to Ann and the boys — you are in our thoughts.

  25. Totally selfless, forever accepting and warm, generous with his time and talent. Reagan possessed a calming strength that just made life good for those around him. Whether sharing a burger and a beer after a soccer game, or watching him explain architecture to my son who had expressed interest, Reagan was a shining example of what we should all strive to be. Thank You, Reagan.

  26. UH pool and dinner at the Banks house.

    Reagan was enormous.

    My heart aches for Ann and the boys.

  27. Hey Reagan… one day a few years ago I was in your car with you and you mentioned that you had recently heard Pete Seeger talk about how he successfully got his audience to sing along with him. While you were explaining his strategy I mis-read the situation and thought you were queuing me to sing along with you and I tried singing while you continued talking and then some awkwardness ensued while you tried to adjust to not make me feel silly for trying to sing and i tried to pretend it didn’t happen hahaha. afterward you said something like “i guess I haven’t gotten it down completely”. I’m not sure of the significance of that memory or if there even is any significance to it, but i keep remembering it frequently these past few weeks when i think about you, and it makes me sad sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.
    hasta la pasta

  28. I am trying to work through the tears and to compose myself after reading the beautiful tributes to Reagan by Ann and all of his friends. I am both heartbroken at his loss, yet overjoyed by their characterization of a truly good person. He obviously was a wonderfully warm, talented person. He was the personification of the values and qualities that make this world a better place.

    I am the father-in-law of Ann’s sister Kate and I believe I met Reagan only once (senility is taking its toll). Even so, I feel a sense of loss by his passing while, at the same time, I am filled with gratitude at knowing his family. Perhaps there is some place in the cosmos that needs him more than we do. It is comforting to know that his presence will live on through the expression of his remarkable genius and talents by his lovely wife and boys.

    Godspeed, Reagan. You must be so proud and pleased at how much you meant to your family and friends. Ann and her three young men, may your future overflow with happiness and fulfillment from his legacy.
    Sincerely, Dick

  29. Ann,
    Our daughter Julie told us about your very sad loss. We send you our condolences and want you to know that we here in Ottawa are thinking of you and your family.
    Hélène and Bastian Kruidenier

  30. In 2005, hurricane Rita came screaming toward Houston, Texas. It was only a month since scenes of devastation and apocalypse had followed Katrina’s demolishing of New Orleans. Most Houstonians ran from the city in a panic. Reagan was left alone in the Banks house, having flown his family off to safety in the Midwest. I too found it impossible to get through the clogged highways. Of course, Reagan reached out to me. At that point, I had only known him for a few years, but it was time for some serious bonding.
    There is nothing to do when a hurricane is coming and a city shuts down. In this case, the city was both shut and empty. On Thursday night, with about 24 hours to go before we got slammed, Reagan had a party for a very diverse group of stranded friends. People were meeting for the first time. There was at least one shouting match. It added to the drama. Through it all, Reagan grilled.
    The next day, Reagan invited myself and André, who was then a protegé but would become his most important professional contact, for what the youngsters call a sleepover. More drama was on the horizon. I had never met André before in my life and the situation was not exactly relaxed. But Reagan was in the middle. It ended up being one of my fondest memories of life in Houston. We watched all of *The Office*—the original with Ricky Gervais—and a political movie called *Bloody Sunday*. We grilled more food and watched video of empty plastic water bottles on the news blowing in circles. Rita seemed to be moving away. We planned on drinking too much, but we hardly drank at all.
    The next morning, the storm had turned and gone by us without leaving any rain. We went out and walked. There was a strong hot wind with little drops of water spread out in it. The city was empty and I felt a bit of pain that the intensity of our closeness was ending and normal life would soon resume. When I got home to my dry garage apartment in Menil Park, I looked out the picture window in the living room and saw hairless Tibetan monks in orange robes, walking in the green yard behind the guest house next door, enjoying that hot wind, pinching themselves at their luck. The air felt spiritual. I always thought of Reagan after that as a kind of secular saint.
    I still do.

    1. You are a wonderful storyteller. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story about an even sweeter man.

  31. God bless you Reagan and family. We spent the last year with Reagan on a project and will never forget his gentle and kind soul. In a world that goes a thousand miles an hour he was a breath of fresh air, thoughtful, respectful and so talented. We are blessed to have worked with him. The city of Houston lost a good one, Heaven gained an angel. May we all strive to be so thoughtful and kind.

  32. Reagan was indeed a class act, one of the kindest, genuine men I had the opportunity to meet. He was almost done with the process of designing our home. Based on homes that I’ve seen designed by Reagan, each one is a testimony to his genius and warmth and I know that legacy will continue with our home.
    He will be missed greatly by those that knew him and those of us who were beginning to form what I know would have been a life long friendship. May he Rest In Peace 💔

  33. Reagan was one of the first parents to agree to play at the University of Houston Children’s Learning Centers Multi-cultural Holiday Musical. Although the gathering included his dear boys, wife, and a few other Moms and Dads of the center along with their children, Reagan played like he was before dignitaries at a grand music hall. He had such professionalism and pride in his work. And of course his stage presence was gentle and inviting. Before long, we were all dancing, shouting, singing, laughing, and embracing the power of music, culture, and humanity! His first appearance turned into many more performances during the musical’s history. With each celebration families anticipated his presence … it was the highlight of our little courtyard musicals. I am so very thankful to God for Reagan’s gifts; he used and shared them well.

  34. We had the privilege of working with Reagan on a remodel that transformed a quirky and impractical 1930’s house into an elegant and welcoming modern home. This is the place our family and friends gather, celebrate, connect, laugh and sometimes cry.
    Through the process we came to admire Reagan’s unique qualities. He was curious, open, attentive and always composed. While being thoughtful of our needs, Reagan always maintained the integrity of the original house. There was an ease and confidence in everything he did.
    Reagan was more than our architect. He was a dear friend. He left us too soon and we mourn his passing. We pray for Ann and his boys, for his parents, in-laws, friends and colleagues.
    We will always remember Reagan for the masterpieces he created and the goodness of his heart.

  35. Reagan was a true gentleman. He was kind, patient, thoughtful and sweet. He was the architect on not just one, but two remodels of my house. I went through multiple contractors during the construction, and nothing ever seemed to faze him. I get so many compliments on the house, and I always give Reagan the credit. He was a very talented man and I will miss him greatly.

  36. Reagan will always live in our hearts; friend, soccer companion and gentle soul. To Reagan and his dear ones…

    “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry

    When despair for the world grows in me
    and I wake in the night at the least sound
    in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
    I go and lie down where the wood drake
    rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
    I come into the peace of wild things
    who do not tax their lives with forethought
    of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
    And I feel above me the day-blind stars
    waiting with their light. For a time
    I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

    Much love to all,
    Jana, Stephen & Ethan-Graham Starr

  37. Our deepest sympathies to Ann, the boys and Reagan’s family. We’ll always remember his kindness and passion for art, music, soccer, as well as all things Italian. He was a very dear friend always up for a great conversation over dinner or at the numerous soccer games, he will be missed immensely.

  38. I have been friends, neighbors and worked for Reagan over the years. When my wife passed away in 2014, Ann and Reagan were there,like family for my daughter and myself. Reagan sang and played beautifully at the service. Reagan was a true gentleman with a heart of gold and a very sweet nature.
    We would often bump into each other at various soccer matches around the south west and I always felt a sense of real warmth from him. A wonderful man and possessing so much talent.
    My love goes out to his gorgeous wife Ann and his boys.

  39. I fondly remember being in Houston the first time Ann and Reagan went on a date. Both were beaming! The happiness that I saw that first night continued to be present in every picture I saw through the years as children were born, soccer games were played, music was made, homes were designed, classes were taught, little children morphed into young adults and life was lived. I am so sorry for you loss.

  40. Although we have lived in Dallas for over a decade, the best neighbors we ever had were the Miller-Christensens on Peden in the Montrose. What incredible luck to live next door to these creative, fun, joyous and super smart people. We played with our babies in the front yard and shared simple meals. Our families grew and we moved on to other houses, but our friendship remained despite the distance. We feel so grateful to have shared time with our college and almost college aged kids recently and talk about new music, old music, thrifting, asshole-tasking, and the merits (or not) of the UH architecture building. The array of instruments around the hearth had burgeoned since our last visit, the boys were gorgeous and like their parents engaging and provocative in conversation, and we could see that their neighbors on Banks loved them as much as we did. We are holding the wonderful visits we have had top of mind, as we will never make sense of this tragic loss. We love you so much.

  41. We don’t meet people by accident, they cross our path for a reason. Thank you Reagan for crossing our path. What a blessing you were in our life. The nine month project working on our house, during the craziness of the planning, construction and trying to meet deadlines you were always patient, calm and reassuring keeping us all centered on the end goal.
    I’m thankful to have known you and worked with you. I think of you daily sitting in our wonderful sunroom that you created for our home.
    Rest In Peace dear friend, you will be missed by many. Prayers of peace and comfort to your wife Ann and your three sons.

  42. To Reagan’s precious family, his colleagues, clients, friends and those whose path he crossed I say…feel my hug. As we all share in the heartbreaking loss of our gentle, talented friend, may we also after a time, begin to heal by enjoying the memories we each have this very special man.

  43. What an honor it was to be in the presence of such a gifted, kind soul! Reagan was a great architect and just an amazing man period! Always so nice and calm:) My fondest memory of him was when he realized we lived close to Moeller’s Bakery… he would say “I’ll come to your house” with a huge grin… and show up with a tray full of yummy sweets to eat while we met to do our plans. We adored him and appreciated all that he did for us. May you all find some comfort in all of our memories that are being shared and know that he was truly a very loved man! God bless you all !

  44. This website is such a beautiful testimony to a life shared in love and joy.

    I didn’t know Reagan, but I had the pleasure of once seeing him play for the children at the UH Child Care Center holiday performance when the boys were much younger. Ann danced, and the Miller boys were part of the delightful ensemble getting the crowd ready for the season. I thought to myself, “What a fun family!” I imagine there were many moments like that for this family.

    I pray that God keep Reagan close, and that Ann and the boys continue the legacy of spreading joy and lifting spirits.

  45. Invitation to Love

    Come when the nights are bright with stars
    Or come when the moon is mellow;
    Come when the sun his golden bars
    Drops on the hay-field yellow.
    Come in the twilight soft and gray,
    Come in the night or come in the day,
    Come, O love, whene’er you may,
    And you are welcome, welcome.

    You are sweet, O Love, dear Love,
    You are soft as the nesting dove.
    Come to my heart and bring it to rest
    As the bird flies home to its welcome nest.

    Come when my heart is full of grief
    Or when my heart is merry;
    Come with the falling of the leaf
    Or with the redd’ning cherry.
    Come when the year’s first blossom blows,
    Come when the summer gleams and glows,
    Come with the winter’s drifting snows,
    And you are welcome, welcome.

    1. This is beautiful , Stephanie. It reminds me of the poem by Rumi

      This being human is a guest house.
      Every morning a new arrival.

      A joy, a depression, a meanness,
      some momentary awareness comes
      as an unexpected visitor.

      Welcome and entertain them all!
      Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
      who violently sweep your house
      empty of its furniture,
      still, treat each guest honorably.
      He may be clearing you out
      for some new delight.

      The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
      meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

      Be grateful for whatever comes.
      because each has been sent
      as a guide from beyond.

  46. Reagan Miller, I know your spirit is present. Just the other day, the team walked through our under construction home, 29 West Lane, with you and Michael. We were marveling at so many incredible details contributing to the house’s simple, clean- lined beauty. I was asking you if the house was what you imagined, and you remarked ‘It is always so much more because of the way everyone’s contribution just gives it its own life’. I can still hear your moderate voice and clearly see in my mind’s eye your tall graceful demeanor and smiling eyes behind the round rims. I admired you as a man because you radiated an inner contentment and calmness. Such a gentleman. I have wished more than once that I myself possessed in greater measure some of your finer qualities of even-temperedness, patience, good listening, and gentle kind speech. You knew how to live life on an even keel. I loved that you took joy in your work and in sketching the world.

    Reagan, I am saying what everyone knows, you lived a good life and left a legacy that your boys will grow and mature from in positive ways. Certainly, your family, friends, colleagues, and church have been forever changed because of how you lived and created. We are all impacted, and we will all joyfully remember the very best that you were and made.

    Thank you, Reagan, from the bottom of my heart for designing a warm, well-proportioned, elegant, modern light-filled home nestled behind the wooded glen for Dheeraj, my children, our extended family and me. Honestly, it looks like this home, now nearly complete, belongs in that space, which is a testament to the way that you took cues from the environment to envision how this new dwelling would complement and enhance it. The house is exquisite and Dheeraj and I will live there with gratitude for the work that you put in it with Andre, Michael, and the rest of the team. It was a fun journey to be on with you, designing our future home.

    Seriously, I can’t believe you are gone Reagan. It is not yet real. I know the world is broken, physical things are imperfect, and life is itself is fragile and fleeting, but sometimes it just hits me in the face. It gives me great peace however that we just celebrated Easter. The message of Easter is that we have a resurrected Lord, who overcome death, and paid the price for humankind’s sin forever, so that we could live in relationship with a living God in the present, here on earth. The Easter Story is that after darkness and despair there was light. Thank you, God, for this Easter weekend. Thank you for Easter joy, Easter hope, Easter resurrection, and time with family and friends in the Texas sunshine. God be with us all as navigate a valley, as we reflect on our own mortality and grieve the loss of Reagan, a person we were so blessed to know.

    Missing you, but trusting in God to have your family and loved ones in the palm of His hand.

    Michele Verma

  47. My favorite day was Christmas Day for most of the last twenty years, because I was invited to join the Miller-Christensen family for brunch. The hospitality, the family love, the food and the drinks were all most welcome, but the highlight was the music. Over a couple of decades I saw Reagan grow as a musician, but when he got connected to That Old Banjo, it was the dawn of a new era. Nothing was quite so joyful as Reagan, a lanky tangle of arms and legs wrapped around that circular drum-head center of the banjo, flailing away and singing that good hearty American folk music that came to be his metier. Reagan and Ann and Wilson and Sam and Elliott made me feel the way they make all their friends feel–like the most interesting, unique, welcome, and beloved people on earth. It is with men like Reagan that God is building His Kingdom on Earth, and while he is gone, he lives on as long as we can ask, without irony, “what would Reagan do?” We should do that.

  48. What a beautiful tribute to Reagan. My wife and I had just married when Reagan designed the remodeling of our home on Buffalo Speedway in 1999. We spent a year or so together and became fast friends sharing our love for music, art, architecture, and family.
    We saw Jesse Winchester together at Mucky Duck and he broke in a 12 string Olson guitar for me.
    We are still in shock and wish that we had spent more time with
    Reagan and you, his family.
    Our best to you, Ann.
    Stuart and Anne Coco

  49. I remember feeling overjoyed for Ann after my first evening spent with her new boyfriend. Such a smart, observant, and good-natured person was Reagan Miller. A subtle man of strings, Reagan wasn’t one to blow his own horn. Ever modest regarding his many talents, Reagan took such genuine interest in others and had the rare gift of being a mindful listener. I was delighted that Annie had found a partner whose very being (thoughts, actions, even voice quality) radiated peace. The love that Ann and Reagan shared was evident from the start and so clearly burgeoned with the passing of years and the birthing of sons. The boys have grown into young men since I last spent time with them, yet I have a vivid memory of them all running wildly around my backyard in pursuit of lightning bugs. Just as clear are my memories of Reagan, on that and other visits, gamely and tenderly taking charge of the parenting while encouraging Ann and I to indulge in our riotous, short-lived reunions. He was such a generous and loving person.

    My heart aches for you all.

  50. May love and comfort surround Reagan’s beautiful family. Reagan was such an unbelievably kind, gentle, and talented human being. He was an extraordinary.

  51. The first time I met Reagan was when we were interviewing for architects. I described my favorite house in all of Houston (white French modern house in Montrose in front of Zaza Hotel). He interrupted me and told me that he had designed that house and described it as if it was “kissed by an angel”. He is that angel now. From then on I knew we were meant to work together. He was gentle, creative, and so great to work with . My husband and I miss him dearly. Prayers to the family. This website is beautiful.

  52. Dear Ann, since hearing about the crash, I have held you and the boys warmly crying from afar. I have treasured in my prayers for all of you being able to see you and Reagan at the AIA Gala this year. I got to see one more time his beautiful, kind smile and sparkling eyes. With love and many tears, Sofia

  53. The High School for Performing and Visual Arts loves Reagan Miller. The visual art department is saddened and impacted by this loss. We were able to get to know Reagan as a parent and as a consultant. Reagan was a fine example of a good citizen, a humane creator and a knowledge mentor. We saw him exude gentle prodding and openness for exploration. His son, Wilson, was a shining example in our department as a philosophical, friendly and humble artist. I can easily see that these traits were passed from his father. The last communications that we had with Reagan involved him volunteering his time to the art department. He was so willing and eager to selflessly work with our young art students and share his knowledge of architecture. We are so sorry about this tragedy and we cherish the Christensen/Miller family. Thank you to Ann, Wilson and Reagan for being so true to yourselves and blessing us with your presence. You all shine and share kindness.

  54. My mom has been friends with Ann—what those two women’s origin story was I never thought to ask; Ann and Reagan were simply a presence in our family for as long as I can remember— for some time, and growing up whether or not I saw Reagan was contingent on many things—whether or not I was coming to one of mitchell’s games, whether or not Reagan was going to be there, whether or not I felt like going to one of the many parties thrown in the name of soccer but which contained many loud adults carousing and often gossiping about things that now escape my memory— and when I did see Reagan it was often for a very short amount of time. As a result my memories of Reagan are quite scattered across time, and it is quite difficult for me to work out what was said and when, who was there, etc. But I must say that, even though my memories of Reagan are incomplete, what always pervades this sense of disarray, and what I remember most strongly about him, is his kindness. At the parties I mentioned above, it was always Reagan who saw how uncomfortable I was and who came over to ask me questions about my life, how was I doing, etc. At the games, which could get a little heated (not on the boys’ part, but on the parents’) Reagan often took the time to talk to me and, if I had brought a friend, my friend as well. He listened, he laughed at our middle-school-level jokes, he cared. One of the last times I saw him—it might have been the last; I don’t remember— was at our house. I don’t even remember the context of the interaction, but Reagan and I ending up taking turns playing on my guitar. I had only one song in my repertoire, which I picked through with inexpert hands, while Reagan was a virtuoso who could pretty much play anything. I remember saying this much to him, and he laughed it off, saying “oh, no no no.” I had said it jokingly, but now I wish I had insisted further, because he was a virtuoso. Reagan was one of those adults that often made me wish it could have been different, that we could have been the same age; perhaps we could’ve even been real friends. But I imagine everyone wanted Reagan as a friend, because Reagan had those qualities that, even in the best of us, often get shrouded in layers of something, whether that be irony or defensiveness or fear or the desire to fit in, and he had them in bulk: kindness, gentleness, whimsy, appreciation, altruism, and overall goodness. This is what I remember about Reagan, and in truth I barely knew the guy. But such was his reach, such was the enormity of his sway. Really, anyone who brushed shoulders with Reagan, who made eye contact with Reagan, should consider themselves very lucky, and the people whose lives he was a part of know their unbelievable fortune, and they know what they’ve lost.

    1. That was he–spotting someone to talk to and learning from them. He correctly saw your depth and intellect, Libby.

  55. I will forever remember Reagan.. he was such a talented guy.. I live in a French Chateau in the heart of Houston that Reagan helped design.. I still possess drawings he made to give his interpretation of our vision we would describe!

    Reagan was also very passionate about music .. we had a LASCO Christmas party with lots of live music and characters.. Reagan seemed right at home!

    God Bless Reagan, his family, his business associates and his many friends. You will be dearly missed my friend!

    Larry Seligmann

  56. Reagan sang and played his guitar the last two times we were at Covenant before returning to Boston for the summer and fall. We cried together when we heard the news of his death. What a shocking loss of such a talented, gentle, dedicated person! Our hearts are broken for all who knew and loved him.
    Sincerely, Renée Seale and Jim Wallace

  57. Dearest Ann and boys, I have no words but I am so sorry and sad. I always felt you had a golden life, and that Reagan so so loved you Ann. You are all artists, all kind, all loving, all of you care about humanity so deeply. Reagan was such an important part of that equation. May we all hold you and hug you and help you as the years go on, so that the golden remains strong and pure – it’s in all of you and it helped to make Reagan shine so bright in the world.. He was an amazing man, you all are an amazing family. We will see you at the memorial, and I thank you for this beautiful website, beautiful words, beautiful art.

  58. Being with Reagan was always a reminder for me
    to slow down, to look around, to listen, to speak with good intent
    and to savor each and every moment. I’ve known Reagan
    and Annie since the 80s and together, they embodied Love.

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