Reagan was an avid sketch artist and watercolorist. Although he loved his adopted city of Houston, he was born in the Midwest. Two pieces on this page reflect those origins: the feature watercolor above is a scene in his native Iowa–the home of a friend in Iowa City–and the water scene below is Lake Michigan near Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Reagan was also a confirmed urban dweller, and he sketched city scenes wherever he traveled, including the cafe scene here, which was sketched in New Orleans, Louisiana. The three other watercolors are Houston subjects. Two are studies done in the George R. Brown Center in Houston, following Hurricane Harvey in late August 2017, when many flooded Houstonians found shelter there. The final scene depicts the Women’s March in Houston in early 2018.

Another website, Sketch Houston, is in the works, with the goal of honoring and continuing Reagan’s project of capturing urban Houston in his sketches and watercolors. Check back here later for a link.

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Lake Michigan, near Cedar Grove, Wisconsin
Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana
George R. Brown Center, August 2017
George R. Brown Center, August 2017
Women’s March, Houston, January 2018